Tips & Tricks


1.)  Utilize Wal-Marts "Price Match" guarantee to help you save several trips to different stores (especially with gas prices being as outrageous as they are! Making an extra trip to another store for just a couple of items to only save a couple of bucks may end up costing more through gas).  It is also a good idea to bring the actual ads with you just in case, for I have personally experienced some Wal-Mart associates requesting to see the ad while others just taking my word for it. (For information on Wal-Marts "price-match", visit the "Newbie Orientation" link above).

2.)  If you are a "Samples Freak" (like myself), I would suggest downloading a program similar to "RoboForm". This will allow you at the click of a button to enter in all of your information (Name, Address, etc. etc.) instead of filling out the forms over and over.

3.)  Avoid using "peelies" and "tearpad" coupons right away.(see newbie orientation for definitions) unless you had planned on purchasing the item anyway.  More often than not I have found that these coupons are manufacturer coupons and therefore I was able to use them at a different store where the item was on sale. Generally the expiration dates on these are months out so I would even suggest saving them for a later time if the item isn't on sale anywhere else because chances are it will go on sale eventually.


Typically you aren't allowed/supposed to print duplicate copies of internet coupons.  Most sites actually have it "rigged" to insure this.  However, on the most popular coupon download site (, if you hit the back button, it will allow you to print an extra copy.